Poultry farm

We offer you: our financial partner, the benefit of returns on capital in 4-6 months. We do this by farming poultry so that you make a profit of up to 30{e454cda60423f4c0d1304b376fe7a2f657055900d1f9730c4f11399fa0336872} in 4-6 months. What’s more? Our farms are covered by Leadway Assurance company with Reg Name: Delefresh Nig Ltd Interested? Visit www.payfarmer.com, call 08025247559

5 thoughts on “Poultry farm

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    Anderline obi says:

    It will be nice and clearer to have the exact date of maturity of your investment and the yield included in the summary of your investment.

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    Ovie says:

    Payfarmer is indeed awesome. A startup that is growing in leaps and bounds. Weekly updates are on point. Investing with Payfarmer and Delefresh Ltd was never a mistake.

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    This is a good investment that will help millions of interested Nigerians but the question is does the loan cover other agricultural Products like :Cassava, beans, rice, maize, Mellon, garden egg and other crops

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