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The importance of water for pigs

For good growth and production, pigs require access to good quality drinking water. Water plays an important role in body processes: regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients around the body, removing toxins and helps with filtration aiding digestion lubricating and protecting the body’s organs. Water consumption by pigs At birth, a piglet’s body is 80% water, compared to 50% in […]

Agriculture must become more productive

For food to become cheaper and more plentiful, agriculture must become more productive, more efficient and more sustainable. This calls for enormous investment volumes. There is a need to encourage farmers locally,regionally and internationally. There is a need to enhance effective partnership along the agricultural product value chains. Investing in agriculture is one of the […]

Is Cucumber Farming Really Profitable In Nigeria?

Introduction The good thing about this wonderful vegetable is that it is consumed worldwide and the demands of it is very high which knocks off the ideas of whether you would be able to sell it. Go ahead and give cucumber farming a trial and see for yourself that you has been unknowingly allowing millions […]