Agriculture must become more productive

For food to become cheaper and more plentiful, agriculture must become more productive, more efficient and more sustainable. This calls for enormous investment volumes.

There is a need to encourage farmers locally,regionally and internationally. There is a need to enhance effective partnership along the agricultural product value chains.

Investing in agriculture is one of the most effective ways of reducing hunger and poverty, promoting agricultural productivity and enhancing environmental sustainability.
However, for any investment to have a positive impact on agricultural production and productivity, it must contribute to capital formation at the farm level. In this respect, investments made by the farmers themselves are indispensable. Their investments constitute the foundation and the paragon for sustainable development and the reduction of poverty and hunger.

For farmers, the main sources of investment finance are their own savings and their fixed capital, which are used as collateral for credit. In areas where the levels of poverty and hunger are high and agriculture is dominated by small-scale farmers, the average farmer earns less than half of what is needed to cross the poverty line. However, there is a need for new investment strategies which are centered on investors.

This is where Payfarmer comes in to connect real farmers with investors who are ready to farm on a commercial scale daily and get their returns in 4 months, 6 months and 9 months time depending on the farm they choose to sponsor.
At the end of the farm cycle, investor gets their invested capital plus their ROI credited directly into their account.


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